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Open source applications on Váš Hosting
We support Open Source solutions because we think this is the best way how to move tech. forward. Let’s go with time, do not stay back either! Y
How to connect to FTP?
You can connect to webhosting using FTP with any program that supports FTP traffic through a protocol or via our webftp. We recommend WinSCP or Filezi
Basic Certificate Information
How does HTTPS or Certificate protect me? HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure) is an Internet communication protocol that protects the integrity
How it is with accents for domains
For the selected domain (so-called TLDs), we offer domain registration including diacritics. For example, you will get a Váš domain. What
How to setup an SPF record
The Sender Policy Framework is a technology that verifies whether the mail server is authorized to send emails for that domain based on the senderR
What is a domain name?
Domains Domain name is the unique address on the Internet, which is most often written in the address bar of the browser. From a technical point of vi