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Why perfect?

Stará se o bezpečnost i pohodlí
It cares about safety and comfort
Jednoduché a intuitivní, pomáhá přesně tam kde má
It's simple and intuitive, helping exactly where it's supposed to
Je v českém, slovenském i anglickém jazyce
It's in Czech, Slovak and English
Allows multiple access with different rights
Administrace služeb
Provides an API to automate administration
Bez starostí
It is intelligent, it recognizes attacks and lack of disk space

Who is he helping?


They appreciate:

  • Full access (root) to the server.
  • Customized setup forprojects or needs.
  • Support and ability to test different technologies.
  • Pre-built server management - we get everything up and running and set up for you.
  • Helpful technical support.


They love:

  • Freelancers. You can take care of your projects and we'll take care of the server.
  • Installation on click. Whether you know your way around or not, you can start a website, email or register a domain with ease.
  • Our commission system. By referring us, you'll earn a good amount of money, and in the long run.


They love:

  • Third party billing. Invoice your clients directly from the Customer Center.
  • Keep projects in order. Organize your projects neatly into folders.
  • Theversatility of the solution. Domains, websites, hosting and servers, all handled under one roof.
  • Our dedicated servers. With the possibility of installing multiple VPS at the same time.


They praise:

  • Security of our servers. With backups to separate datacenters.
  • The ability to create special accesses for your employees with different rights.
  • Bulletproof 2FA. Enforcing two-factor authentication at login.
  • VPS Center application for easy server management.
  • Worryless. Delegate server management and focus fully on your business.
  • Autopalace Group
  • Sazka Group
  • Freelo
  • Siko
  • Bauhaus

What our customers say about VPS Center

4,9 rating
Rated by 110 of people
4,9 rating
Total 142 reviews
Running servers
1 800+
Running servers
We manage domains
22 400+
We manage domains
Years of experience
Years of experience

„Eshop Autopalace needs to communicate safely with the company system Microsoft Navision and it has to be 100% available for our large buyers and customers. Everything works perfectly. “

Stanislav Perkner
Stanislav Perkner Auto Palace Group s.r.o. Auto Palace Group s.r.o.

„I appreciate the smooth running of CRM with Oracle database. I haven't noticed any failure over the past 3 years. The network speed is great. “

Daniel Roško

„I was pleasantly surprised about your website interface. I always appreciate the technical support provided.“

Petra Kubáčková
Petra Kubáčková Civic Democratic Party Civic Democratic Party

„CRM is the heart of our company so if it was unavailable, it would mean a dramatic loss for us. Fortunately, it's never happened over the past 5 years. Thank you. “

Tomáš Faksa
Tomáš Faksa 4Company s.r.o.

Best features
and benefits of VPS Center?

Everything is instantly ready to use

  • Just activate the domain and upload the data
  • You can view the site from a test URL before changing DNS
  • Installing WordPress and Prestashop is one click away
  • You have unlimited domains, e-mails and databases
  • Plus, we regularly remove all the bugs
    and update it to keep it running as it should

Pre-installed useful tools

  • Webmail and webFTP when you don't have your tool handy
  • For server monitoring: Munin, AWStats
  • For database management: phpMyAdmin, Adminer
  • Rspamd, MySQL Tuner, API and more...

Safety first

  • Automatic security updates
  • HTTPS for every domain per click
  • Automatic traffic blocking and filtering
  • Default firewall enabled only on necessary ports
  • Pre-configured Fail2Ban protection to block various attacks

Still hesitating? :-)

  • The price of the server includes our great technical support
  • You get root access to the server
  • The server can be increased at any time by individual parameters
  • We do not overload physical servers or SSDs
  • The server will be safe
  • Anti-DDoS, updates, firewall
  • We can help with everything. Just write to us
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Karel Dytrych
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How is it with servers

Servers are kept by a company SuperNetwork, the SuperHosting network provider. All servers are in our possession. We have spare servers as well as spare components. That why we can offer immediate services with nonstop server room supervision.

Except for us SuperHosting hosts other interesting projects on the Czech internet and offers an excellent service and maximum connectivity. It has been on the market for the past 10 years and since 2005 focused on providing server services.

Backup is done into a distant server room Master DC – though an encrypted transfer to make your data 100% secured and safe in case of an unexpected failure.

Server installation

We start with everything as soon as your order is saved on our system – it usually takes 30 min during weekdays. But sometimes it takes longer, so please be patient.

Server management

We will make everything as you wish. Nothing is a problem and we take is as a challenge. Only request that could affect the security or server running are not dealt with.

Hosting services of individual domains are managed by these tool: SFTP/SCP, rsync, FTP, phpMyAdmin, etc. You can allow distant access for databases. To manage the services you use web applications VPS centre where you find running operations characteristics (load, statistics). Alternatively you can use ICP Cinfig or get a server with simple opetating system installation.

We always install the latest update of Linux with Debian distrubution. If you want to use VPS centre, then Debian is the only option. There is no problem with installation of CentoOS and Ubuntu. Ask us for more options.

Running and server load is monitor by out administratorse. You can get an overview in statistics of Munin application. Basic details, e.g. RAM load, processor load, can be seen in VPS centre application.

Yes, of course. You can choose if you want just pure Linux with root access or with our easy to use administration.

Every server is connected with 1 Gbps uplink to the switch without aggregation and speed limit. The capacity of the Supernetwork is 340 Gbps.

SuperHosting has a circular topology of the network, backing up is in N+1 mode. In case of a failure the connection is redirected in 10s to the backup source. The network is built on Cisco elements.

The data on leased servers are not limited in any way.

Standard installation of our servers includes the latest updates of the operation system, web server, database, ftp, php, email and others. We don't have to install anything on your server or on the other hand you can get any software available.

The number of domains and web applications running on a server is not explicitely limited. All depends on the system parameters and operating performance of the applications.

Server setup

You can pay by a bank trasfer, PayPal, credit card or eKonto monthly, quarterly, half yearly and yearly.

Yes, you can. Technically the transition to a different variant with new parameters needs system restart that can be done by us or yourself.

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