Domains with accents

If you can have a domain that has slashes and commas? Absolutely!
Thanks to Internationalized Domain Names (IDNs), you can use international domain names.

National alphabet characters in a domain name are no problem at all.

Vyladěné, spolehlivé, zabezpečené a výkonné virtuální servery

What does it look like in practice?

  • You simply buy a domain with common accents, for example in the form:
  • As soon as you enter the address in this form into your browser, IDN will convert any accented characters into the unique form of the address.
  • The contents of the domain will be displayed in the browser's search bar.

Which extensions are supported by IDN?

  • .com
  • .eu
  • .info
  • .net
  • .org
Register a domain with accents

How to get an IDN domain with accents?

The process is quite easy - basically identical to buying a regular domain. All you need to do is check the availability of the name you want and if it's free, then hooray for ordering a new IDN domain.

IDN shape to diacritic converter and back

Are you wondering what your domain will look like in IDN form, or do you want to decipher the IDN form?

IDN translation
Domain váš
  • Autopalace Group
  • Sazka Group
  • Freelo
  • Siko
  • Bauhaus

What do you get with your domain?

Maximální bezpečí díky HTTPS a DNSSEC

Maximum security with HTTPS and DNSSEC

Malý hosting nebo přesměrování v ceně

Small hosting or redirection included

Jednoduché rozhraní dostupné i z mobilu

Simple interface accessible even from your mobile phone

Maximální servis a pohodlí od naší podpory

Maximum service and convenience from our support

All about domains

For successul transfer you need to change the domain registrar and DNS settings. All must be approved by the owner. For an approval an email must be send to email adress of the owner (usualy the same email address as the one while registering the domain). An access to this email is necessary. If confusing, we are happy to send more details.

A domain stands for "Domain name". Is is a unique internet address which is being written into the browser address bar on the tp of the page. The main purpose is to replace long IP addresses. It is easy to write a domain in the address bar and press Enter to find your domain. You can get webhosting, create a web on wordpress and secure with HTTPS. All you need, you can get from us.

Using accents is highly common these days. The reason to use it is to protect your brand. Some domain ending (e.g. LTD) support domain accent registration. Czech domains do not support it but it is only a matter of time to find accents next to the ".cz" domain ending.

Don't worry because everything is very easy and fast. Thanks to the usage of several paying methods you get your domain active within 5 min after paying your order. Sometimes it is necessary to wait few more minutes due to DNS settings.

You don't need to worry about your domain extension. We will contact you and your billing contacts in advance and remind you several times to have your domain extended. If you are no longer interested in your domain, please let us know so we can use it for somebody else.

We are always ready to help on email, telephone, skype or web chat. It doesn't matter whether you are a database expert or just looking for your first domain. We will always help you.

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