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We make it easy. Use Let's Encrypt certificate for FREE, or another paid certificate from a traditional publisher.

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SSL Certifikáty

Let's Encrypt - Free SSL

You can secure your website for free with an HTTPS certificate from Let's Encrypt.

What do you need for this?

In the case of traditional hosting, nothing at all. HTTPS from Let's Encrypt is available automatically.
It can only be deactivated in the Customer Center.

  • Otherwise, you need your website to run on version PHP 5.6. If it is lower, or you don't know how to check PHP, just contact us.
  • If you have a server, it needs to run on the new Debian Jessie operating system. Do you have an older one? We will arrange for an update.
SHA-2 / 2048-bit encryption
SHA-2 / 2048-bit encryption
Kompatibilní s většinou prohlížečů
Compatible with most browsers
Extended validation, Wildcard SSL
Extended validation, Wildcard SSL

What are classic SSL certificates

Domain validated (DV)

Verifies that the applicant for an SSL certificate is actually in control of the domain. Validation is done via email, DNS record, or publishing a validation file. It is a quick and simple process with no paperwork, but provides only a basic level of authentication and secure communication through traffic encryption.

OV certificates

Offer a higher level of authentication than DV. In addition to domain authentication, they confirm that the domain is owned by a specific organization. The organization is verified against the business registry and through a phone call to a trusted phone number available in recognized registries. The applicant must also be verified, through an ID card or passport. The resulting certificate includes information about the organisation, which is displayed in the certificate details.

EV certificate

Provides the highest level of authentication. Requires detailed verification of the organization, including its physical existence and legal status. The entire process is done manually, which ensures true accuracy but also means longer waiting times. When an EV certificate is deployed, the company name is included in the communication security information, which can increase visitor confidence.

Of the classic certificates, we recommend DV Wildcard certificates, which also secure all subdomains. For new subdomains, there is no need to apply for a new certificate and thanks to Let's Encrypt, they are free and the whole verification process is fully automated.

Standard SSL
SSL standard

744 CZK/year
900 CZK with VAT
  • Secures a website on 1 domain
  • Domain verification
  • Sectigo / Rapid SSL
Order Standard SSL

Wildcard SSL
Wildcard SSL

2 471 CZK/year
2 990 CZK incl. VAT
  • Secures your website including subdomains
  • Domain verification
  • Alpha SSL
Order Wildcard SSL


4 950 CZK/month
5 990 CZK incl. VAT
  • The highest level of security
  • Domain authentication, organization
  • Sectigo
Order EV SSL

Get a certificate

HTTPS certificate by certificate authority Let's encrypt are prolonged automatically.

For certificates by a classic certificate authority bought with us you will be notified by a request for the payment for the next period. After receiving the payment we will prolong it.

Certificates that you bought yourselves and let us run it for you will have to be taken care of by you.

Let's encrypt issues the certificates automatically. You won't even notice it. Classic certificate authorities first need to generate so called CSR request – we will deal with this. Then it needs to be verified through admin@vase-domena.tld. After the certificate is issued we provide installation.

No, you don't. We will deal with this either automatically or directly with you.

These certificate types cover the verification of the organisation which takes days or weeks.

Information about certificates

HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure) is an internet communication protocol that protects integrity and confidentiality of data between a user and web. Users expect safety and privacy while using web. We recommend to protect your connection with HTTPS protocol.

Data sent through HTTPS protocol are secured with protocol TLS (Transport Layer Security) with three main layer of protection:

  1. Encrypting: Encrypts the transferred data against eavesdropping, activity monitoring on websites, data theft, etc.
  2. Data Integrity: Data during the transfer cannot be changed or damaged without a notification.
  3. Verification: Confirms that users communicate with the given website. It protects against attacks such as man-in-the-middle and supports the user's trust that gives many advantages to companies.

Standard SSL certificates

They are the most common type.

They secure on domain (e.g. Our standard SSL certificate secure domain with or without www.

Wildcard certificates

SSL certificates "with a star" secure the domain with all its subdomains, e.g. *.vas-hosting.czs secure:


If you need to secure more subdomains, it's best to get one wildcard certificate instead of many standard SSL certificates.

EV certificates

Extended validation certificates colors the address bar of the browser in green and shows holder's name. Green address certificate is visible and increases the credibility of the website.

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