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Who is responsible for all of it?

We are! We love new technologies, we love to care about your servers.
We have been taking care of you for almost 10 years.

Your server will be safe with us!

We insist on reliability, speed and above all safety. Many security measures were adopted over the years of experience in order to secure your data and operations. 

When needed we are available and always speaking directly to you - no call centres or middlemen. We love our work and we do out best. 

Ing. Karel Dytrych CEO

Karel has extensive knowledge of technologies and can flexibly respond to any problem, question and challenge.

Ing. Luboš Kopecký Administrator

Luboš is experienced in management of  the university network. Thanks to him all the applications and systems run smoothly and safely. 

Julie Kirchnerová
Julie Kirchnerová Assisstent

Julie is our indispenseble member who helps us when needed. 

Barbora Škeříková
Bc. Bára Škeříková Marketing Guru

Bara is all cook-a-hoop while preparing promotions and marketing strategies.

Jan Kulda
Ing. Jan Kulda Grafic designer and UX consultant

Jan is a freelance professional who makes sure the management of VPS servers is presentable and client-friendly.

David Janík
David Janík Customer care

David take care of all our customer.. and makes them happy.

Vas hosting facts and numbers

We run over 500+ servers at the moment
We host over 4,500+ domains
Our VPS use excellent connectivity 330 GBs
We replied to over 19,000 queries
Servers are safe in TTC Teleport
We backup to a geo distant datacenter
We use Supermicro servers with Intel CPU
Own app to manage servers VPS center

Call +420 776 133 789 or drop us e-mail

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