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Offer of servers

We have powerful dedicated hosting servers with online administration and considerable scope for individual customization. View technical specifications. How we have it in the datacenter.

VPS (Virtuální servery)
VPS (Virtual Private Servers)

from 360 CZK/month
  • Unlimited number of domains, databases,
  • High performance on SSD & security
  • Our administration & root
  • VPS Center
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VDS (Dedikované servery)
VDS (Dedicated Servers)

from 2 900 CZK/month
  • Support and HW service included
  • Customized solutions
  • Help with initial setup
  • VPS Center
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Managed servery
Managed Servers

from 3 900 CZK/month
  • A worry-free solution for your applications
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Infrastructure design and commissioning
  • VPS Center
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Who are we helping?


They appreciate:

  • Full access (root) to the server.
  • Customized setup for projects or needs.
  • Support and ability to test different technologies.
  • Pre-built server management - we get everything up and running and set up for you.
  • Helpful technical support.


They love:

  • Freelancers. You can take care of your projects and we'll take care of the server.
  • Installation on click. Whether you know your way around or not, you can start a website, email or register a domain with ease.
  • Our commission system. By referring us, you'll earn a good amount of money, and in the long run.


They love:

  • Third party billing. Invoice your clients directly from the Customer Center.
  • Keep projects in order. Organize your projects neatly into folders.
  • Theversatility of the solution. Domains, websites, hosting and servers, all handled under one roof.
  • Our dedicated servers. With the possibility of installing multiple VPS at the same time.


They praise:

  • Security of our servers. With backups to separate datacenters.
  • The ability to create special accesses for your employees with different rights.
  • Bulletproof 2FA. Enforcing two-factor authentication at login.
  • VPS Center application for easy server management.
  • Worryless. Delegate server management and focus fully on your business.
  • Autopalace Group
  • Sazka Group
  • Freelo
  • Siko
  • Bauhaus

What customers appreciate about our servers

Reliability and speed

And that's thanks to our care, brand-name hardware, uncongested servers and datacenter.

Skvělá podpora
Great support

Who are always willing to advise and help everyone from less experienced users to seasoned pros.


Maximum security coverage. From DDoS protection, to an impenetrable firewall, to free HTTPS.


Thanks to virtualization, we offer easily scalable performance that you can customize at any time.

Administrace služeb
Service administration

Every customer gets their own easy-to-use administration. Even accessible from your mobile phone.

Bez starostí
Non-binding testing

We offer a one-week test period for the server. Free of charge, no obligation.

This is how easy it is to work with VPS Center

Whether you're managing a webhosting or your own server, you won't know the difference.

Numbers and references that have been driving us forward for more than 10 years

4,9 rating
Rated by 110 of people
4,9 rating
Total 142 reviews
Running servers
1 800+
Running servers
We manage domains
22 400+
We manage domains
Years of experience
Years of experience

„Eshop Autopalace needs to communicate safely with the company system Microsoft Navision and it has to be 100% available for our large buyers and customers. Everything works perfectly. “

Stanislav Perkner
Stanislav Perkner Auto Palace Group s.r.o. Auto Palace Group s.r.o.

„I appreciate the smooth running of CRM with Oracle database. I haven't noticed any failure over the past 3 years. The network speed is great. “

Daniel Roško

„I was pleasantly surprised about your website interface. I always appreciate the technical support provided.“

Petra Kubáčková
Petra Kubáčková Civic Democratic Party Civic Democratic Party

„CRM is the heart of our company so if it was unavailable, it would mean a dramatic loss for us. Fortunately, it's never happened over the past 5 years. Thank you. “

Tomáš Faksa
Tomáš Faksa 4Company s.r.o.

Unique administration

Every customer has server administration included in the price. The server runs automatic updates and there is a unique administration, thanks to which even a layman can set up an e-mail or database from a mobile phone.
VPS Centrum
VPS Centrum
VPS Centrum
VPS Centrum
VPS Centrum
VPS Centrum
VPS Centrum
VPS Centrum
VPS Centrum
VPS Centrum
  • Configs for PHP or webserver can be edited from your browser
  • Simply restart or stop individual services
  • On the server you will find monitoring tools like Munin
  • Clear administration is also available from your phone
  • Server availability and load monitoring
  • Pre-installed webmail and many other applications
  • Logs on the server are available from a web browser
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