How to setup an SPF record

The Sender Policy Framework is a technology that verifies whether the mail server is authorized to send emails for that domain based on the sender’s email address.

Thanks to SPF you can determine which servers are authorized. All others will be banned. It will help with the e-mail credibility and reduce the chance that e-mail will get into SPAM.

For the SPF record to work properly, you need to add a new TXT record in the DNS settings for that domain.

Login to our Customer Center and go to your domain listing to select the domain for which you want to create the SPF record.

You select to add a TXT record and paste an entry:

v=spf1 mx -all

This record will guarantee that all servers listed in MX records will be considered trustworthy.

Another example for adding trusted mail servers from the IP range –

v=spf1 ip4: -all


Adding SPF record in DNS like TXT record

Once the DNS servers are restarted, the DNS records will be active and can be tested using the online mxtoolbox or vamsoft.

Po restartu DNS serverů budou DNS záznamy aktivní a můžete je otestovat pomocí online nástrojů

The most common mistakes can be found on the OPENSPF project pages.


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