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There are a lot of terms in the domain world that twist the head even more experienced users. In this help, we’d like to explain some of these concepts.

DNS terms:

  • A record  – Used to enter the IPv4 address into DNS domain records to which server it is intended to target eg
  • AAAA record – The same principle as for A record only here is IPv6 address such as 2001: 0: 9d38: 6abd: 2d32: 3213: 2bfv: 75a1
  • MX record – Directs the domain to a mail server eg mail.vas-hosting.cz
  • TXT Record – Used to write any text string into DNS domain records. The SPF record is mostly written here
  • SPF record – Is an email validation system used to defend against SPAM. Verifies the sender’s IP address
  • TTL –   Time To Live indicates in DNS the maximum amount of time that data can be stored in the cache.
  • DKIM – It is a tool that allows you to electronically sign outgoing email headers, and it helps you before falling into SPAM
  • CNAME – Indicates that a given domain is an alias for another domain. They have shared DNS records, but no content.

Other terms:

  • DNSSEC – Is a DNS extension that enhances its security. It assures users that the information has been provided with the correct source
  • Nameservers or DNS Servers – Is a hierarchical domain name system that exchanges information. It is such a distributed database of network information.

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