What is a domain name?


Domain name is the unique address on the Internet, which is most often written in the address bar of the browser.

From a technical point of view, the main function of the domain is to replace the complex number of IP addresses assigned to computers on the Internet. You better remember vas-hosting.cz than eg

Who manages domains?

Good question. Each domain is provided by the so-called Central Registry, which is responsible for the .tld.

For .COM .ORG .INFO and new TLDs it´s ICANN

For .CZ it´s CZ.NIC

For .SK its SK.NIC

and so on.

What do I need a domain for?

If you do business on the Internet or have corporate systems and you need to access them from the Internet, you can not do without a domain name.

A domain can run webhosting on which you will have web presentation and emails.

You can only order e-mail hosting to your domain, so you can have email name@firemninazev.cz and communicate with customers or partners like a professional from your own domain.

If you have a virtual server and a hosting for domai-name.com, so that it can be seen on the Internet, it is necessary to have registered domain-name.com.

How to register a domain?

Just go to our website to register domains, write the name of the domain you wish to register and see if it is free. If so, you can sign up for registration and after payment, we´ll register your domain.

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