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We support Open Source solutions because we think this is the best way how to move tech. forward.

Let’s go with time, do not stay back either! Your webhosting can run a variety of different open-source projects.

Thanks to them, you also have the chance to get free, at a minimal cost, your own content management system, forum or blog.

Open Source Systems, or free “ready-made” web, forum, blog, etc. solutions, are open source computer software. Openness here means both the technical availability of the code and the legal availability – software license.

Thanks to it you can use hundreds of different publicly available modifications or adopt open source systems to your image. More need for a Wikipedia – open source.

These open source are working best on our servers.


probably the most widely used open source content management system ever. If not, then at least in the area of ​​blogging. This publishing system written in PHP and MySQL has a wide user and developer community, its download counts to hundreds of thousands. Thanks to the GNU / GPL license, it is completely free (it is also free of charge and editable). As an editorial system, it contains everything you need to manage your blog or site. It can create articles, pages, upload data to FTP, upload pictures, create a gallery, and more.

We provide WordPress hosting, when you dont have to worry about anything.

Official site:


compliant standards, an easy-to-use Wiki form, aimed primarily at creating documentation of all kinds. It targets development teams, workgroups, and small businesses. It has a simple but powerful syntax that makes the data files readable outside the Wiki and simplifies the creation of structured texts. All data is stored in plain text files and therefore no database is needed.

Official site:


Flexible content management system. Do you want a blog? E-shop? Forum? Corporate web site? All of this is made possible by Drupal’s modular system. Small but stable and fast kernel with good interface and modules on which it builds.

Official site:


a software package designed to support daytime and distance learning through online courses available on the Web. It facilitates the easy publication of study materials, the creation of discussion forums, the collection and evaluation of electronically assigned tasks, the creation of online tests, and a number of other activities to support learning. Moodle runs on Unix, Linux, Windows, Mac OS X, Netware and on any other system that supports PHP. Data is stored in the MySQL, PostgreSQL, MS SQL, or Oracle databases.

Official site:


a professional content management system designed for complete web content management. It includes a great variety of plugins and available extensions, supports changes in appearance, blogs, discussion forums, polls, calendar, etc. Joomla has a good base of developers and contributors, licensed under the GNU GPL and free of charge.

Official site:


the name today is unfortunately not so familiar with the CMS, a web content editing system. Motto Textpattern is a “flexible, elegant and easy-to-use content management system“. And it’s really tremendous, its possibilities are limited only to your um, knowledge (PHP, JS) and experience.

Official site:


an online store that can be downloaded and installed for free. It has many features and can be further extended by modules. The advantage is rather the orientation for the beginner.

Official site: :


a professional e-shop system that provides extensive expansion capabilities while maintaining easy setup and usage. Includes intelligent templates management system.

Official site:


in PHP created a good quality forum that can be easily implemented into your site or create your website. In addition to PHP, it also requires one database, namely MySQL, PostgreSQL or SQLLITE.

Official site:

Other tested applications

PhpBB – Open source forum

Magento – Free ecommerce software

Prestashop – Free ecommerce software

Mambo – Open source content management solutions and applications

PhpRS – Content Management and Publishing System

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