Antispam control and own policies

Antispam is turned on for each mailbox. Suspicious emails are marked at the beginning of the subject with a ** SPAM ** prefix.

Based on this tag, you can set up filters in your email client to delete or save messages in a specific folder.

On our servers, we use the customized Postfix mail server with many other add-ons that we have configured after years of practice in a highly efficient mailing solution.

If you want to always accept your specific e-mail settings from the @ list.CZ domain always rejects the emails from, etc., just contact us. We have a wide range of options.

Limit the size of attachments

When sending emails via webmail, the size of uploaded attachments is limited to 10 MB, from a desktop client then 30 MB.

How antivirus works

Antivirus automatically checks all mailboxes on the server (can be turned off individually). If someone sends you an email that will contain a virus, it will not be delivered at all.

Antivirus works with databases of known viruses. If a new virus is not listed, it can, unfortunately, be delivered. Therefore, we recommend using Antivir directly on your device.


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