How can I pay?

We have a payment gateway that integrates 4 payment options.

Payment options

All invoices or tax documents can be downloaded or paid directly by the Customer Center in the Invoice section.

List of invoices in Customer Center

1. Payment card

You can pay for our services with a credit card from any company. The payment process takes care of the GoPay gateway

GoPay – Payment by card

The payment is credited immediately and therefore you have services or domains set up in minutes.

2. Payment to the bank account

We have an account with Fio Bank, where we also receive international payments.

Account number: 2300267451/2010

IBAN: CZ0820100000002300267451


If you do not have an FIO, it takes a while before the payment is credited to your account.

3. PayPal

We all know about PayPal. A simple electronic wallet that is used by traders around the world.

Pay with PayPal

Payment is credited immediately.

4. QR payment

Our customers are excited about QR payment option. Just read the code and confirm your payment via the bank application and the invoice will be paid.

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