How to create and manage databases

Everything important about databases on the webhosting.

How to manage the database

If you have a webhosting, you have access to our Customer Center, from where you manage all hosting services incl. databases.

With us, you can manage databases with 3 applications:

Database management tools

How to create a database

In the Customer Center, you select the domain where you want to create the database and enter the Database section and after that on the Create Database button in the panel.

You can select a database type – MySQL or PostgreSQL, write or generate a name and password, and the database is created.

Simple database creation – Welcome to heaven

How to change the password

To change the password, log in to the Customer Center and enter the Database section under a specific domain.

There you will see all the databases that are created under the hosting and you just click on the Change password button.

You can generate or set your own password

= Klidné spaní

We recommend using our password generator to create a safer password

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