How to create a new mailbox

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  2. Creating a new mailbox

We’ll show you how quickly and easily you create mailboxes at our customer center.

You can create an unlimited number of mailboxes on our webhosting or e-mail hosting and you are limited only to the space you have purchased.

Creating a new mailbox

To create an e-mail account, log in to the Customer Center and select the domain for which you have your e-mail service purchased and click on the E-mail section.

Where to create mailboxes at our Customer Center

After clicking the Create Mailbox button, you will see a form where you can fill in:

  • Account name – how the entire mailbox will be named
  • Password – You set up your own or you let it generate
  • Username – Shown in email clients from whom the message came
  • Quota – You can “assign space” to the mailbox, but it’s only for review. The box will continue to work on reaching the max quota
Form for creating a mailbox

After the mailbox is successfully created, the information you need to add the mailbox to the client or application appears. For the same information, see How do I set up email?

Set-up information for the e-mail clients

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