How do I change the server parameters? + Price list

Change the parameters on the virtual server

On the virtual server, we will increase server parameters at any time. Individually, so you do not have to change the entire tariff.

Configure your own VPS tariff!

Configure your own virtual server tariff

Price list for increasing parameters:

  • RAM – 60 Kč/month for 1GB
  • GB    – 30 Kč/month for every 10GB
  • CPU – Only after the agreement

To change the parameters, please write to with your server name and how much and what you want to increase.

It is not necessary to pay the invoice for the increase, we can, after the agreement, reduce the expiration date for your service.

The virtual server will require a restart.

Changing parameters on a dedicated server


Dedicated Servers are fully dedicated and incredibly powerful servers, “spiked” with virtualization for greater flexibility and easy migration.

So you can only switch between tariffs or configure your own dedicated server, thanks to virtualization we can easily migrate you on a new machine.

Overview of tariffs for dedicated servers

We will be happy to help you design a customized solution or just answer your questions, so please write to

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