Basic information about webhosting

How many domains can I host on a single webhosting?

You can only use one domain for each webhosting. If you need “hosting” for multiple domains, then look at our virtual servers with a simple server and domain management application called VPS Centre.

How to use .htaccess?

You can use the .htaccess configuration file on our servers. You can either directly copy it to FTP, or you can generate the settings in the Customer Center as the Special Address Book settings. There is also a large text field where the mod-rewrite rules can be entered.


You can use the mod_rewrite rules without limitation. The documentation and instructions for building rules for mod_rewrite can be found on the following pages:

Other configuration directives within .htaccess are also allowed but limited for security reasons.

How to add space(GB) to webhosting?

We can increase or lower your hosting plan at any time, but we can also add just a disk space. Just write us through a customer center, type the domain name and how much GB you want to add.

The price for every 1GB is 16Kč / month.

Applications and administrative tools

Customer Center

A simple application that manages your domains and hosting programs. It is accessible to all clients at The entire application is available in multiple languages and contains extensive help.

PostgreSQL Administration – PhpPgAdmin

You can conveniently manage your PostgreSQL database using the phpPgAdmin tool. You can find this management tool at

MySQL Administration – PhpMyAdmin + Adminer

You can use the MySQL database either with the robust phpMyAdmin tool or with the simple and fast Adminer tool from Jakub Vrána. You can find them at and


If you do not have an e-mail client at hand, it does not matter at all. For sending and reading mail, you have 24/7 access to our RoundCube e-mail client, available at


If you needed something on your FTP and FTP client as the program was not at hand. Maybe if you are not on your own PC. Your FTP client with a web interface will come to you. The permanent FTP Web address is


Simple statistics of visits and web access generated by Awstats can be found at subdomain

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