How is it with backups?

Backups on virtual servers

The customer takes care of the backups on the virtual server himself. At our VPS Centre you have a super easy FTP form for creating automatic backups.

We offer backups to a geographically separate server room. You can specify which folders or domains you want to back up. Send your request to

The price for 1GB is 10Kč / month. E.g. the size of one of your backups is 5GB, so we set the limit of 5GB for extra 50Kč / month and you will have backups available between 14 and 21 days back.

If the limit is exceeded, we will notify you in advance and the limit will either increase or adjust your backups.

ATTENTION! Backups are only available to us and you will not see them in the administration. For data recovery, please write us. Individual backups can be provided to download.

That same is for dedicated servers.

Webhosting backups

Backups are done automatically, every day early in the morning and are included in the price of the webhosting. Backups are available up to 30 days back and you must write to technical support to restore or download them.

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