Gitlab - a tool for modern developers

A modern developer can't imagine a day without Git and its automated application development tool. Kick-start your workflow and your team's productivity. We'll set up your server with Gitlab, set up deploy and help you with everything.

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What can Gitlab help with?

Organisation of work and development

  • Managing issues, creating plans and milestones
  • Manage your team of developers and their permissions
  • Charts and activityreports

Code management

  • Versioned source code in one place
  • Overview of commits and team activities
  • Oversight of code and its quality - code review

Deploy applications

  • Different application branches - deploy to test environments
  • Automatic application testing before deployment
  • Automatic update of the live server without errors and outages

Gitlab deploy a workflow

We will prepare a server where Gitlab will be installed and configured, including application deployment to the production server. We can set up deploy from the simplest source file update, to failover of application builds.

We will set up your server with Gitlab and possibly organize a workshop.

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We can set up a deploy that:

  • No attempts on production! Development versions of apps will be published to test domains e.g. app-branche.domena.tld
  • We will perform automated tests before updating the live server, if they fail deploy will not be performed
  • You will be able to revert to a previous build of the app at any time, even a year back
  • When updating the live server we will flush the cache, temps, ...
  • When updating a live server, we create folders and verify permissions
  • No programmer will need access to the live server
  • Only designated programmers will have the right to update the live server

Virtual server by yourself

Frequency of payment

Quarterly is 5% discount, semi-annually is 10% discount and annually is 20% discount.

Server installation

CPU × 3,5 GHz
Discs GB SSD
Connectivity 1 Gbps
Data transfer 5 TB/month
Swap 256 MB
Price/month (excl. VAT)

The server includes:

  • Root access
  • 60 minutes of administration per month
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • VPS Center for easy server management
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